Moving Companies in Elk Grove

Elk Grove, a city that blends a thriving economy with a high quality of life, invites those in search of a balanced lifestyle. With its robust job market and business opportunities, it’s a practical choice for career-driven individuals. Families appreciate its family-friendly neighborhoods and top-notch schools. Situated conveniently, Elk Grove provides easy access to major cities, enhancing accessibility. The city’s diverse community fosters inclusivity and cultural richness. Its relaxed ambiance and local landmarks offer a unique charm. Culinary enthusiasts will find delight in its diverse dining scene. Elk Grove offers a sensible, well-rounded living experience, where one can flourish personally and professionally.

Elk Grove Moving Companies

Mother Lode Van and Storage

Mother Lode Van & Storage is a full-service moving company based in California, servicing Sacramento and nearby areas. The business has been running since 1956 and was bought by the current owners’ parents in 1989. As Brian and Mark Larson run the operations of the business, they make sure that each worker of the team performs to meet their standards, not just in work output but in character. Through their hard work and consistency, they’ve received many recognitions and were honored by a few charities they support, like the Move for Hunger movement and The Gary Sinise Foundation.

Mid Cal Moving and Storage Co

In Mid Cal Moving & Storage Co., it’s the utmost priority for each team member to uphold their high standards of service and character. The owner, David Simoni, sees to it that they will not waste efforts on mediocre service, only ever giving their best in everything they do. Because of this principle, they have become a top moving company in Sacramento, gaining exceptional ratings with the BBB and receiving endless praise from satisfied clients. With Mid Cal, there is nothing too delicate, too small, too heavy, too far; they will get it done.

Colonial Van and Storage Inc

For over 75 years, Colonial Van & Storage, Inc has been helping families around Sacramento and its neighboring areas with all their moving needs. They provide comprehensive services of logistics, warehouse safekeeping, corporate relocation, and specialized moving. They accommodated local, long-distance, interstate, and international moves, bringing families and businesses to their new homes. The current owner, Douglas Welton, used to be the bookkeeper for Sam, the founder, but soon became a good friend and partner. After Sam’s passing, Doug continued the work, continuing the work they started when they both were younger, only ever wanting to serve the community.

Brewer Moving

For 13 years now, Brewer Moving has been a reliable source of moving services in California. It started in Modesto with Jarad Brewer, his dream, and his desire to serve his community. He sees the need and understands the repercussion of not providing solutions to said needs; it could result in injuries and stressful days. The company achieved these goals and has received many referrals and positive feedback on their work from the community and online platforms. From packing, loading, and hauling to assembly, there is no one else to trust but Brewer Moving.

Tetris Masters Moving

Tetris Masters Moving is a leading moving company in California, the top mover in Sacramento. The team has 20 years of experience as experts in the delicate work of handling clients’ valuables. They are licensed and insured, ensuring customers’ peace of mind and protecting them from unwanted situations. The team is fully geared with tools and equipment to help them do their job efficiently and carefully, avoiding injuries and damage. Tetris Masters is reliable, aiming to make the moving process a positively memorable one form the packing to the unloading.

Moving Solutionz

There’s no better way to move than to move with Moving Solutionz. Moving on its own is already stressful, imagine hauling items across the state; that’s a nightmare. So when Joshua Spencer started the business, he made sure that the number one goal was to take one less stress from their clients through high-standard service and care. His family heavily values morals and ethics, and he applied these to Moving Solutionsz, ensuring that each worker is intentional in their performance, character, and attitude. For a smooth-sailing enjoyable relocation process, Moving Solutionz is the best option.

Tonys Sons Moving and Storage

Since 1964, Tony’s Sons Moving & Storage has been a staple in every moving home. They take care of the packing, moving, installation, disposal, and storage safekeeping, striving to be a full-service company that maintains the quality of their work from A to Z. Precious valuables like grandfather clocks, art pieces, furniture, antiques, and pianos are usually the difficult part of moving; but with Tony’s Sons, that’s covered! They move locally and long-distance, assisted by experienced experts to keep the process hassle-free, quick and safe. A solution provider, Tony’s Sons take excellence to a different level.

A Better Moving and Storage Co Inc

A Better Moving & Storage Co., Inc. has been a partner of relocating families in California for over 44 years. It was founded by Ben Mattingly and is geared towards first-rate service, no unnecessary extras, just straight-up good service. They move locally and interstate, equipped with high-tech tools and powered by intelligent and strong workers who will get the job done quickly, efficiently, and excellently. It’s one thing to stuff everything in crates and go on about the move, but it’s another to respectfully and carefully crate items and valuables, ensuring that it’s safe and secure to handle whatever the road throws at it.

Fuller Moving Services

Under the leadership of Nathan Fuller, Fuller Moving Services has become one of the largest and leading moving companies around Sacramento and its neighboring areas. They’ve been providing white-gloved service for the past 66 years, constantly growing and innovating to stay up-to-date and efficient. The scope of the business coverage goes beyond borders, assisting international moves and making sure it will be worry and hassle-free for their clients. They also specialize in senior moving, assisting older people not just in moving but in downsizing as well. From packing it in boxes to rehanging it onto the new walls, Fuller Moving Services has got it covered!

Auburn Moving and Storage

If there’s one thing Auburn Moving & Storage wants to accomplish, it’s for clients to be able to rest as they do all the heavy lifting. This is exactly what the duo Rob Huckins and Sean Minor wanted when they started the company nearly two decades ago? to provide such high-quality service that customers have complete confidence in their work ethic, quality, and results. Carrying this principle, the experts at Auburn will not compromise the standards of their output for anything, only aiming for exceptional service from the packing to the reassembly.

Pack It Up Movers

Pack It Up Movers was founded around six years ago by Jas Singh, wanting to be a moving company that the locals could trust. It’s a dilemma to let total strangers handle personal valuables, so Jas and his team work hard to assure their clients of their reliability and dependability. They prove to be trustworthy with a flood of positive reviews, feedback, and referrals from satisfied clients. Pack It Up continues to serve the locals, helping families and offices to relocate across California, including Elk Grove, Turlock, Oakdale, and Modesto.

Make Your Move Folsom

Kevin McInerney, the owner of Make Your Move Folsom, does all the business operations himself, directly working with clients with no middlemen. In everything they do, they make sure that their client’s best interest is the top priority and that all their needs are taken into consideration. They also take full accountability for all unexpected instances, down to the scrapes, scruffs, and scratches, a guarantee for all clients. Many of the clients they serve are repeat customers who have become partners and friends through the years, gaining their trust through consistency and dependability.

House To Home Moving

There is no better partner in relocating than House To Home Moving. They are a California-based moving company led by Jacob Giorji, exceptional service to Greater Sacramento and nearby areas. Much of their work is recognized because of their emphasis on serving senior residents, giving special attention, honor, and care to handling elderly relocations. They regularly hold events to support this cause, empower their workers to perform exceptionally, and treat their clients with commendable character. Food Drives are also a common program they host, giving back to the community by helping its most vulnerable members.

M and M Movers

M & M Movers is a Manteca-based moving company serving Northern California for all its moving needs. JR Huizar and his family own and run the business, so working with them is like a family serving another family. Their trucks and facilities can accommodate different types of moving needs like piano, artwork, and one-piece heavy furniture moving, labor-only services, and residential or commercial moves and deliveries. Moving doesn’t have to be complicated, but it needs the proper allies, and luckily, M & M seems to be the perfect solution for that.

Meathead Movers

DUPLICATE FROM HUNTINGTON: Meathead Movers is a one-of-a-kind moving company founded by brothers Aaron and Evan Steed. Although they are now the largest independent mover in California, they started small, with pizza and $20 being their first moving pay. But that was 1997, two high school athletes looking for a part-time job, and a friend?s parents asked for help. Today, they haul items of all scales, moving them across the country, helping small families and large corporations. Supporting their business also means funding local shelters and the recovery of domestic violence victims. Working with Meathead Movers is securing the service needed and supporting the community.


916 Movers’ owner, Steve, to this day, helps with the field operations of the company. It was 18 years ago when he started the company, desiring to be the most capable movers in the region, providing expertise, speed, and reliability. The team comprises experienced, professional, and efficient workers? trained to utilize the equipment they operate around the job. They pride their work rooted in integrity and transparency, are honest with their customers, and are upfront with all the transaction details. They meet their customer’s needs and then go above and beyond in their work attitude, making the experience memorable.

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