Moving Companies in San Mateo

San Mateo, an enticing residential choice, harmoniously blends key attributes. Its thriving economy offers stability and promising career opportunities. Quality of life is elevated through top-tier schools and healthcare facilities. Families find it inviting, with a host of family-friendly activities and scenic parks. Its strategic location near major cities enhances accessibility and convenience. San Mateo warmly embraces cultural diversity and inclusivity, fostering a dynamic community spirit. The city’s distinctive ambiance, marked by a mix of modern and historic charm, sets it apart. San Mateo’s culinary scene presents a diverse array of flavors to savor. With a well-rounded appeal that caters to diverse preferences, San Mateo beckons as a comfortable and rewarding place to call home.

San Mateo Moving Companies

NC Moving and Storage Solutions

Discover NC Moving & Storage Solutions, the premier professional moving team, and leader among top movers in California. Established in 2006 and based in Hayward, CA, this certified woman and minority-owned small business take pride in its founder, Bevlen Klein, an experienced American of Asian-Pacific (Hawaiian) descent with over 30 years of moving services expertise. As a member of Worldwide ERC and holding various diversity certifications, including Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Woman-Owned Small Business, NC Moving & Storage Solutions stands out in Northern California. They cater to every client’s unique needs with a vast range of experience in residential and commercial moving and storage solutions, including local, long-distance, and international moves.

Movers N Shakers Worldwide Moving Experts

Introducing Movers ‘N’ Shakers Worldwide Moving Experts, the premier moving company in the Bay Area, renowned for its exceptional service and unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction. With a rich history spanning several successful years, Movers ‘N’ Shakers has solidified its position as the go-to choice for local San Jose Bay Area moving needs. The company takes great pride in inviting only the most skilled and professional movers into their clients’ homes, ensuring a seamless and stress-free moving experience. Led by an owner passionate about delivering top-notch service, Movers ‘N’ Shakers boasts a team of Certified ProMovers (CPM Certified) who undergo rigorous training in packing and moving techniques.

Melrose Moving Company

Say goodbye to the daunting task of finding the perfect moving company in San Mateo, CA. Let Melrose Moving take care of everything while customers enjoy the excitement of their new journey. What sets Melrose Moving apart is its commitment to exceptional customer service. With a friendly and above-and-beyond approach, they ensure each client is pleased with their move. Whether clients move their residences or business, Melrose Moving will go the extra mile to meet their needs. With a history dating back to 2004, this licensed and insured company has been providing reliable, affordable, and professional moving services, making them the #1 choice for countless satisfied customers.

Silicon Valley Moving and Storage

At the helm of Silicon Valley Moving & Storage’s success is the dedicated owner, who, with a passion for quality service, has garnered numerous accolades, including the prestigious Bekins Bronze Sales Award in 2021 and the Arpin Agent of The Month. With such an impressive track record, you can trust that your interstate or international move is safe. For over three decades, Silicon Valley Moving & Storage has been a pillar of reliability, delivering exceptional moving and storage services to the heart of the community. Beyond the extraordinary service, this company is committed to giving back, actively participating in community initiatives like Toys For Tots and supporting organizations like the California Movers Association.

White Red Moving and Storage

With a rich history from 2010, White Red Moving & Storage has been serving the Bay area with unmatched dedication and expertise. As a seasoned mover with nine years of experience, the owner, Jose D., hailing from Peru, brings a personal touch to every move, ensuring that customers are 100% satisfied. White Red Moving offers comprehensive services catering to residential and commercial needs. They can easily handle it, from expert packing and unpacking to short and long-term storage solutions. With a customer-first approach, they understand that each move is unique and may require special attention. That’s why they offer additional services like piano moves and free box delivery, ensuring your belongings are in safe hands.

AMS Relocation Inc

Founded and operated by the Wolfe family for three generations, AMS Relocation, Inc.’s commitment to a family-oriented approach has fostered an unparalleled connection with employees and clients. With a rich history dating back to 1949, AMS Bekins has been the go-to choice for local, national, and international moving and storage solutions in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their philosophy is refreshingly simple ? “Help People.” This guiding principle has earned them the trust of over 100,000 Bay Area families, making them the leading moving company in the region. Awards adorn their legacy, including the prestigious Bekins Agent of the Year Award and the San Francisco Examiner Moving Company of the Year, held for ten consecutive years.

Budget Movers

Need a reliable moving company in the Bay Area? Budget Movers is here seven days a week, catering to short-notice moves. They are fully licensed and insured, providing peace of mind during the relocation. With an impressive 50 years of dedicated service to the community, Budget Movers has garnered the industry’s highest repeat business and ratings. They only employ experienced professionals, ensuring a prompt, polite, and competent moving crew. They’ve mastered the art of hassle-free relocations by focusing on local and long-distance moving services for apartments, houses, offices, townhouses, and condos. Their secret to success lies in offering unparalleled savings, made possible by low overhead costs, high repeat business, and an exceptional employee retention rate.

Golden Gate Moving

Golden Gate Moving is renowned for being Northern California’s most experienced piano movers, capable of handling any instrument, from upright pianos to large grand pianos for sales or events. With great attention to detail and reliability, they have earned the trust of Northern California residents for their prized pianos. They are also the best local moving company in San Francisco, proudly serving Northern California since 1969. As a family-owned and operated business, their founder, Pat “PJ” McGee, instilled a passion for customer delight in their entire crew. Don’t fret cause they take pride in their friendly services and continuous efforts to maintain a fantastic reputation.

Cummings Moving Co

Residential & Small Business Moving & Storage Company has been serving the vibrant city of San Francisco since 1969. As pioneers in the industry, this woman, minority, and Veteran-owned company, led by the dynamic duo Amy Messinger and Enrique Palos, has been moving Bay Area residents for decades with unparalleled expertise. A remarkable 85% of their business is built on glowing referrals, a testament to the love and trust their clients place in them. Their dedicated team ensures that every step of the journey is carried out precisely, no matter the type of move ? whether it’s just around the corner, within the state, across state lines, or even across borders.

Trico Long Distance Movers

Step into the world of hassle-free moving with Trico Long Distance Movers! Since its inception in 2010, this company has been driven by a simple yet powerful principle: moving should be quick, painless, and most importantly, customer-centric. And that’s exactly what they deliver! The heart of their service lies in their team of professionals. Meticulously selected and extensively trained, Trico’s movers, drivers, and packing staff share a common ethic of superior customer service. Time and again, hundreds of satisfied customers have experienced the stress-free joy of moving with Trico Long Distance Movers. Countless positive reviews testify to their unmatched reputation for excellence.

Arnoni Moving

Arnoni Moving understands the challenges of moving, and their passionate team works tirelessly to ensure a successful moving experience. From expertly packing belongings to safe transportation and timely delivery, every aspect of the move is meticulously handled. But what sets them apart? Transparency! Unlike other movers, Arnoni Moving believes in upfront pricing without hidden fees. They genuinely care about their customers, tailoring their services to meet individual needs. Founded by the visionary entrepreneur Mr. Arnoni, the company’s roots run deep in the heart of San Mateo. With years of experience in the industry, Arnoni Moving has earned a stellar reputation for its reliable, professional, and friendly services.

Celtic Moving and Storage Inc

With open arms, Celtic Moving & Storage Inc. welcomes the experience, care, and dedication that has made them the epitome of moving excellence. Available from Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturdays from 7:00 am to 11:00 am, they are always ready to extend a helping hand. Founded in 1989 by the dynamic duo Martin Folan and his wife, Mary Ann, this endeavor began with a single truck and a boundless passion for serving their community. Over the years, their dedication has flourished, resulting in a flourishing enterprise boasting a spacious storage warehouse, a fleet of ten trucks, and a team of fourteen skilled and friendly employees.

Movers R Here

From carefully packing delicate garments to handling large furniture pieces like sofas and pianos, Movers R Here’s team of experts ensures a swift and safe transition to a new home. With a six-year history, this family-owned business was founded by the ambitious Jean Z., a former IT engineer from Silicon Valley who followed her dreams of becoming her boss. Taking pride in their hard work and intelligent approach, Movers R Here guarantees to deliver premium moving services with utmost professionalism. Conveniently, they understand the value of their customer’s time, and that’s why they are available Monday through Sunday, from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, to accommodate even the busiest schedules like a walk in the park.

Lambert and Son Moving

Lambert & Son Moving has earned its reputation as the go-to moving solution for residential and commercial needs, no matter the distance. Their professional packing and unpacking services guarantee an unforgettable journey from local relocations to long-distance trips. In the heart of Santa Cruz, Monterey, and the Bay area, a local, family-owned business has been revolutionizing the art of moving with a touch of sincerity and reliability. Founded by the amiable Bill Lambert, the company epitomizes reliability, convenience, and affordability. For generations, the Lambert family has cared for their client’s possessions as if they were their own, ensuring they are “strong enough to be gentle with your valued possessions.”

All Stars Movers

Under the leadership of Joao Almeida, All Stars Movers has offered a friendly, personal touch to their professional services for almost two decades. Regardless if customers require assistance with packing or prefer to handle it themselves, their courteous staff is always ready to lend a helping hand. Not just limited to local moves, All Stars Movers excels in international moves and office relocations, making them a one-stop solution for all moving needs. The best part? They kickstart the moving journey with a free quote, ensuring transparency and peace of mind from the beginning. Always just a phone call away, their availability and willingness to answer queries make them stand out.

All in Moving Systems

Based in San Jose, All in Moving Systems shines brightly among Bay Area movers, setting new industry standards that others strive to follow. Their blend of reliability, affordability, and professionalism has earned them a reputation as the most reputable moving company in the region. Their story began in 2007 when Dimitry, the founder, embarked on a mission to innovate the moving industry. With a focus on streamlining the booking process and enhancing efficiency, Dimitry’s ingenious ideas made moves smoother, faster, and more affordable for clients. Over the years, All in Moving Systems has built unique relationships with its customers, and its dedication to putting clients’ needs first has garnered hundreds of repeat customers.

Trek Movers

Trek Movers takes pride in its highly trained packers and movers with years of experience, earning the trust of hundreds of delighted customers. With multiple locations across California and surrounding areas, they offer fast and safe delivery within 1-2 days, all at fixed hourly rates without hidden costs. Since 2007, this top-rated licensed and insured company has been delivering exceptional local and long-distance moving services with care. This environmentally-conscious company not only values belongings but also the community. Their supreme services include professional full-service relocations for both commercial and residential needs. With free virtual and on-site estimates, planning a move has never been easier.

Route 66 Moving

For over a decade, Route 66 Moving has proudly served the Peninsula residents and businesses, establishing a strong reputation as one of the best movers in San Mateo County. Founded by a dedicated owner, Sam P, this company stands firm on its commitment to customer satisfaction above all else. What sets Route 66 Moving apart is its dedication to providing reliable, fast, and affordable moving services. Offering free on-site estimates and guaranteed pricing, they work seven days a week to accommodate clients’ busy schedules. Moreover, their flexible approach allows for last-minute changes and even storage solutions if needed.

The Handy Movers

What might seem like a cost-effective DIY option is often far from it, with hidden expenses and added stress. But fear not, The Handy Movers are here to make relocation a breeze! Equipped with professional-grade moving equipment and supplies, The Handy Movers make it their mission to handle precious items with utmost care. Need packing assistance? They’ve got it covered. Want to get rid of unwanted furniture items? They can handle that too. And let’s not forget about their availability ? serving the entire Bay Area, they are just a call away! Countless satisfied customers have praised their efficient, timely service and the can-do attitude of their hardworking team for over a decade!

Upline Moving

At Upline Moving, it’s not just about packing items; it’s about cherishing the memories behind every possession. From treasured family heirlooms to your kids’ beloved toys, their dedicated team treats customers’ valuables with respect. For over a decade, Upline Moving has been the go-to moving company for tens of thousands of households and families throughout the Bay Area and beyond. This family-owned business takes moving to a whole new level by seeing it through the eyes of the people they serve. Additionally, they give free in-home consultations, transparent upfront quotes, and a simple flat-rate pricing policy, so clients will know exactly what to expect.

Eagle Moving and Storage

From the first warm hello by their courteous salespeople to the moment customers’ last box finds its place in a new home, Eagle Moving and Storage ensures an experience like no other. Every task is manageable for these experts. For over a decade, this company has been the go-to local moving company in the San Francisco Bay Area, catering to families and businesses alike. They pride themselves on being one of the most experienced and respected movers in their respectable area. And here’s a delightful bonus ? they offer free wardrobe boxes, furniture pad wrapping to protect valuables, and even handle disassembling and reassembling, all at no extra cost! No taxes just smiles!

Dependable Movers

Dependable Movers sets itself apart by providing a comprehensive range of services, from professional packing to careful handling of delicate items with their white-glove service. Established by its passionate owner, who has a deep understanding of the challenges involved in relocating homes and businesses, Dependable Movers has grown to become a trusted name in the industry. Boasting three convenient offices across San Francisco, the company ensures easy accessibility for its valued clients. With a rich history of serving the community for over a decade, this Bay Area moving company takes pride in offering top-notch services that are both reliable and efficient.

Lunardi Moving Services and Storage

If customers are looking for an exceptional moving experience backed by a rich history of excellence, look no further than Lunardi Moving Services & Storage. With various options tailored to individual needs, Lunardi Moving Services makes local moving a breeze. They ensure a seamless transition to a new abode from the standard moving service to full pack assistance or custom pack solutions. For those who prefer self-packing, worry not ? free delivery of boxes suitable to customers’ doors is just one of the many conveniences they offer. What sets Lunardi apart is their attention to detail. Trained professionals expertly handle delicate items like china, fine art, glassware, pictures, and mirrors, ensuring utmost care.

Fairprice Movers

Fairprice Movers extended their reliable services to the Continental United States from the picturesque West Coast to the captivating East Coast. Be it residential or commercial moves, short-term storage, or unique budget requirements, Fairprice Movers ensures an unmatched moving experience for all. At Fairprice Movers, they believe that no two moves are alike, and that’s why they deliver tailored, accurate estimates with a warm touch. Their secret? Training every employee on the Fairprice Movers Way, ensuring thoroughness, speed, and efficiency in every task, from packing to transportation. Established in 2012 as a refreshing alternative in the crowded moving industry, this vibrant company boasts decades of collective experience.

Careful Movers

Embark on a stress-free moving journey with Careful Movers, a local San Francisco Bay Area gem. From its humble beginnings as a small, friendly moving company catering to friends, family, and neighbors, Careful Movers has blossomed into a leading office and residential moving powerhouse. Meet Artem K., the heart and soul of Careful Movers. With over two decades of experience in the moving and storage industry, Artem is not only the founder and CEO but also the day-to-day manager. They believe in creating a positive and memorable moving experience, erasing any worries or anxieties that come with relocation. Careful Movers Moving & Storage is where exceptional customer service and a friendly attitude awaits.

One Big Man and One Big Truck Moving Co Inc

Unlike many others in the industry, One Big Man & One Big Truck Moving Co. Inc. understands that every move is unique. No need to worry about exorbitant fees for internal moves – they have no 3-hour minimum requirement! Additionally, their flexible service options cater to diverse needs, offering same-day pack and move for 1-bedroom or smaller spaces and then move the next day for larger moves. They provide clean and spacious 26-foot, 24-foot, 18-foot, and 16-foot trucks or cargo vans for convenience. The best part? They offer complimentary use of quilted moving pads, plastic wrap, and more for customers’ comfort. One Big Man & One Big Truck Moving Co., the town’s favorite since 1983.

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