Moving Companies in Fort Lauderdale

A city along Florida’s southeastern coast, Fort Lauderdale stands out as a top choice for residence. Its diverse economy provides financial stability, while quality of life thrives with renowned educational institutions and healthcare facilities. Families appreciate the welcoming environment, abundant family-friendly activities, and well-maintained parks. Strategic accessibility to major cities enhances convenience, and cultural diversity and inclusivity foster a vibrant community spirit. Fort Lauderdale’s coastal ambiance creates a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. World-famous landmarks dot the cityscape, offering a unique charm. Culinary delights from diverse cuisines satisfy every palate. Fort Lauderdale’s appeal lies in its blend of economic opportunity, family-friendly amenities, cultural richness, coastal vibes, iconic landmarks, and culinary pleasures, making it a compelling destination for residents.

Fort Lauderdale Moving Companies

Approved Moving and Storage Inc

Moving with Approved Moving & Storage, Inc. makes the whole process easier and worry-free. It’s stressful to move, and there are so many opportunities for failure, but this is where Josh Boyard, president, and the team come in. Each chance of failure is a possibility of improvement for them, working hard to meet their clients exactly where they need them and bring their belongings to the new destination with care and efficiency. They are dedicated partners and supporters of their customers, each action intended to take their stresses away and make the experience more positively memorable.

Fresh Start Relocation Inc

Fresh Start Relocation Inc desires to continuously grow as an ally of locals, constantly finding better ways to increase their scope and capacities. They not only serve Florida but have also extended their services to Ohio and North Carolina; in the pursuit of growth and progress. Each of their customers receives a personally curated plan, catering precisely to their needs and efficiently utilizing the equipment and machinery they have. As their name says so, with the team, the big scary move might just be the Fresh Start you’ve always dreamed of.

Green Van Lines

Green Van Lines is a Fort Lauderdale-based team of professional movers, merging modern-day principles of innovation and growth with traditional values of work ethics. They’re very eco-conscious, ensuring that they take part in improving the environment through tree planting and other green initiatives. Thanks to the founder Guy Cohen, they prioritize awareness of these things, not only meeting the needs of their clients but also taking care of the environment they benefit from. Working with Green Van Lines means receiving high-quality moving services while supporting advocates of the world we live in.

Icon Moving

Icon Moving has been serving the locals of Florida for over twelve years, assisting them with all their packing, hauling, and storage safekeeping services. They’re headed by Shlomo Sudai, offering residents and businesses professional local and long-distance moving services across the state. The company values hard work, empowering its workers to serve with excellence, efficiency, and remarkable character and continuously supporting their improvement. The business runs on a very organized system, avoiding overlooking essential details and ensuring the best for its clients. With Icon Moving, the top priority is client satisfaction.

Coral Springs Moving and Storage

Coral Springs Moving & Storage has been in the industry for over forty years, so it?s easy to say `that they have perfected the masterful art of service. They take client satisfaction seriously, working around the unique needs of their clients and dedicating their work and time to attend to them. The team has worked with many families and offices, skillfully accommodating their needs in packing, moving, and storage safekeeping. The workers are experts and are incredible solution providers, quick to respond when unexpected circumstances arise. For high-quality moving assistance, the Coral Springs family is the best bet.

Griffin Moving and Storage

The founder of Griffin Moving & Storage, John Griffin Sr., has been a reliable mover since the 1940s in New York. He was known for moving pianos and organs for orchestras and schools, only one among the few who offered bulky item hauling back then. His Son, John Griffin Jr., ventured out to Fort Lauderdale, expanding the family legacy to Florida. Now run by the next generation, Griffin Moving & Storage continues to provide good old reliable work practice and client care. 83 years of history, they continue to advance, incorporating modern solutions to offer even better services.

All Roads Express Corp

CRE Movers is a team of trained professional movers who skillfully service clients across Florida for all their relocation needs. They’ve been doing so for over 12 years and have become known for their one-of-a-kind work. Since the conception of the company, it was the basis of their performance to treat their clients with a red carpet experience, bringing nothing less than outstanding treatment. They not only accommodate moving needs but assists with home projects that require moving and labor. Honest, reliable, hard-working, and efficient, CRE Movers will surely meet their clients’ needs.

CRE Movers

CRE Movers is a team of trained professional movers who skillfully service clients across Florida for all their relocation needs. They’ve been doing so for over 12 years and have become known for their one-of-a-kind work. Since the conception of the company, it was the basis of their performance to treat their clients with a red carpet experience, bringing nothing less than outstanding treatment. They not only accommodate moving needs but assists with home projects that require moving and labor. Honest, reliable, hard-working, and efficient, CRE Movers will surely meet their clients’ needs.

Tag Team Movers Inc

Tag Team Movers, Inc is a Fort Lauderdale-based moving company that has been offering full-service moving to the Tri-State Area for nearly 30 years. They’re led by David and Deanna Patrick, committed to taking the stresses of their clients in relocating and making the experience a good one. The company is top-rated, flooded with referrals and repeat clients who express high regard for them in their reviews and feedback. With long years of experience in the business, Tag Team Movers is sure to provide unparalleled customer care service and a smooth transaction, all while handling clients’ items with utmost care.

Cousins USA Inc

Interestingly enough, Cousins U.S.A., Inc. was established by two brothers, Joseph and Clement Pollio. The two are originally from New York but found a home in Florida in 1984, where they discovered the desire to start Cousins U.S.A., becoming its owners in 1996. Today, they are among the most successful moving business in the region, accommodating interstate moves of all capacities and types, working with big names in real estate to cater to more clients. The brothers and their families run the business, serving with transparency, consistency, and loyalty; a family serving other families.

Red Box Moving

Red Box Moving is a fully licensed and insured moving company serving local Florida families and businesses for all their moving needs. They have a full staff of trained professionals, working labor and operations to accommodate all their clients’ needs. The company is headed by Norbert Kovago, leading the operations for the past 17 years and continues to steer the business toward success. They’re a very eco-conscious company, researching and working hard to find the best ways to reduce and offset the environmental pressure of the operations, responsibly taking accountability to the environment.

Haulin Assets Moving

Haulin Assets Moving is a team of local expert movers in Fort Lauderdale. They’ve been faithful partners of the people for over ten years, serving not only as hired workers but as concerned neighbors. They specialize in residential, commercial, student, and senior moving, safely assisting them on local, long-distance, and intestate hauls. Many of the clients they serve are referrals and repeat customers who have become life-long partners and friends through the years, gaining their trust through commendable work and genuine care. Haulin Assets makes the move easy, worry-free, safe, and memorable.

Right Choice Moving and Delivery Inc

Established in 2000, Right Choice Moving & Delivery, Inc. has been a supporter of many families in Florida for all their moving needs. The owners, Hiram and Angelita Gomez, the operations staff, and the crew are skilled and have received impressive ratings for their services. The business has assisted thousands of clients with different needs, mastering what truly works for each situation and gaining confidence in providing solutions to unexpected circumstances. The team pursues excellence and genuine concern, handling items with respect and care until the items are safely delivered to the destination. For residential, commercial, and specialized packing and hauls, Right Choice Moving & Delivery is the only choice.

A1A Atlantic Moving and Storage

A1A Atlantic Moving & Storage is a 41-year-old moving company founded by industry legends Alex Mackenzie and Robert & William Kiefhaber but has now been passed on to Alex Trento & Robert Murphy. They bring the rich history of the company to honor while merging it with today’s relevant tools, technics, and principles, undeniably bound for greatness. In all the services they offer, they go by a standard of work, ensuring that they are at their best each time, guaranteeing client satisfaction. A1A Atlantic is the key to a successful relocation for local, long-distance, and international hauls.

Summit Van Lines Inc

Summit Van Lines, Inc. is one of the most reliable moving service providers in Florida. Their staff are easy to work with, professional, and undeniably skilled in their work, always putting their client’s best interest as the top priority. The CEO, Guy Shoshan, is an intelligent leader, steering the direction of the company toward success. The locals trust Summit Van Lines, choosing them for all their local moves across South Florida for the past 22 years. The business is flooded with positive reviews and feedback, commending their work, speed, and kind crew and referring them to their loved ones as their trusted mover.

King Moving And Storage

King Moving And Storage was founded by Chip and Wendy King two decades ago, desiring to make high-quality moving services to South Florida accessible for everyone. When they were ready to retire, they passed the baton to Alan Seidenberg and his wife, trusting that they had the same values and morals as them. Alan did show up to continue the King’s legacy, handling the business towards success and constant improvement. From packing to moving, the staff is accounted for according to their performance and character, ensuring that clients are treated with the utmost respect.

Aragon Moving Systems

Aragon Moving Systems is owned and led by two industry experts, Elad and Joseph. They have been professional movers for over 15 years and continue their exceptional work as partners in Aragon Moving. They accommodate all packing and hauling needs and specialize in long-distance and international relocations, working with the proper partners to make the process smooth and worry-free. The team truly cares for their clients, understanding that life, with today’s economy, is not getting easier, so they desire to be a source of white-gloved services at an affordable price.

Mancav Movers

It was the dream of brothers Daniel and Manuel Cavalie that started Mancav Movers. They have both been in the moving industry and just knew that they could change things in the service that would drastically improve clients’ experience. Ten years later, the company is among the most reliable movers in the area, bringing high-quality service that goes above and beyond in work and care. They tailor all their services according to each unique requirement, thinking of the best process and equipment to make it hassle-free and safe. Moving is challenging as it is, but with the professionals at Mancav, there is nothing to worry about.

Agility Van Lines Inc

Agility Van Lines, Inc. is a family-operated business desiring to provide the best moving services in the area. They emphasize their family values, working with honesty and performing with distinction. The company is one of the most reliable names for interstate relocations, moving residents and commercial clients across the street and the country. They are headed by Shane Young, who is constantly learning and improving, pursuing growth to find what?s best for their clients. The staff is known for their commendable customer care, prioritizing what would benefit their clients the most.

Top Notch Movers Inc

Top Notch Movers, Inc. is a fully licensed and insured moving company founded 14 years ago. They are led by the founder and current president, Han Segal, bringing the best moving services in the area. The business is closely monitored to meet high standards of work, constantly flooded with positive reviews and feedback for its excellence, efficiency, and commendable work attitude. Moving is only a part of a bigger life change, so it’s best to work with experts and let them do the heavy lifting. At Top Notch Movers, no move is too big, too small, or too difficult.

Forward Van Lines

Forward Van Lines is led by Haigai Maman, better known as Guy. He sees that the company stays in line, headed towards the vision, and working with excellent service and exemplary client care. They cater to different client requirements like moving antiques, high-end items, pianos, artworks, lab equipment, and more. Their reliable operations and fieldwork team is trained to work in a comprehensive system that effectively increases efficiency and speed. The company has proven this effective as they have been serving the people for nearly three decades, working nonstop to curate the best service.

Fuentes Moving

Fuentes Moving is a partner of many Florida families regarding relocation and hauling. They have been servicing the area for two decades, providing high-quality service to the locals and accommodating their unique needs. They specialize in moving delicate and bulky items such as pianos, artworks, and furniture, using high-tech equipment to do so efficiently. The CEO, Pedro Fuentes, works with his family in the operations, ensuring they’re on track with the company’s standards and work principles. There is no doubt that Fuentes Moving is a reliable friend who will do their best to accommodate their clients’ needs.

Nationwide Van Lines

Tali Maskalik is the founder and president of Nationwide Van Lines, making relocation nationwide and worldwide easier and more accessible. The business was built on the foundation of knowledge as Tali worked as an aircraft engine mechanic for the airforce, learning about logistics and how to operate worldwide carriers. Each of the staff undergoes extensive training, only allowed to accommodate clients when they’re fully capable of performing up to standard. Over two decades in the business, they continue prioritizing education, constantly searching for better ways to serve clients and their families.


Powerloaders has been a partner of families and local businesses in Florida for nearly two decades. They have gained significant experience in the work, even accommodating major projects from schools, Government Operations, and Government Housing Facilities. Their crew is trained to operate state-of-the-art tools and machinery. At the end of that day, their only goal is to provide the best service possible to the people, with no questions asked or other agenda. For all relocation and hauling needs, Alvaro Castillo and his team at Powerloaders have got it covered.

Solomon and Sons Relocation Services

Established nearly a decade ago, Solomon & Sons Relocation Services has been a reliable source of moving services for the locals of South Florida. They take pride in their consistent work of excellence, acknowledged with many awards and recognitions; they’ve been named a Certified ProMover, the Mover of the Year Awardee, and the Best Corporate Relocation Company 2018 – South Florida distinction recipient. Whether it be residential or commercial, local or long-distance, there is no move too big, too far, or too difficult for the experts at Solomon & Sons.

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