Moving Companies in Louisville

Louisville beckons with its distinct bourbon heritage and delectable southern cuisine, making it a unique and enticing destination. Offering affordable housing costs below the national average, the city presents a budget-friendly living option. Families will find comfort in the city’s good education system, comprising numerous public and private schools, along with an array of family-oriented amenities and community services. Louisville’s well-connected transportation infrastructure, adorned with highways and interstates, facilitates easy access to neighboring cities and attractions, including Indianapolis and Nashville. Embrace the city’s rich culture through its museums, theaters, and thriving diversity index. Louisville promises a vibrant and enriching lifestyle, appealing to those seeking a blend of cultural experiences, culinary delights, and a welcoming community.

Louisville Moving Companies

A and S Moving Services

A & S Moving Services is a trusted name in the world of relocation. With an illustrious 30-year history, this La Grange, KY-based company has been the go-to choice for countless individuals and businesses seeking seamless moving experiences. As the owners, Andy and Sarah have built a solid reputation for their unmatched expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction. They understand that time is of the essence, which is why their team of residential and commercial movers is available from Monday to Friday, morning to evening, ensuring maximum convenience for their valued clients. Embarking on a long-distance move or simply needing assistance with relocating within the city? They got it covered.

From Here To There

Despite their humble inception just before the pandemic, From Here To There has become a beacon of relief in the Bluegrass and beyond by crafting a moving experience like no other. Their unwavering commitment to premium workmanship, oversight, and service distinguishes them from the competition. Guided by the indomitable Christian William Queen, they uphold the golden rule of integrity and efficiency in every endeavor. The team, composed of current and former college athletes, exhibits the agility and speed necessary to move cherished belongings swiftly and safely. Seamlessly navigating the complexities of move day, their genuine passion for hands-on help within the community shines through.

Saunier Moving and Storage

Embark on a journey with Saunier Moving and Storage, where history converges with top-tier expertise. Their legendary name is etched in the annals of Central Kentucky’s relocation history. For over a century, the company has been seamlessly orchestrating local, interstate, and international moves, captivating hearts along the way. Their tale began in 1909 when the visionary Walter Ecton founded this company as Ecton Movers in Winchester. Fast forward to the present, and Ed Saunier, a true Lexington luminary, assumes this esteemed enterprise’s mantle as President and torchbearer. With a rich legacy of excellence, Saunier Moving and Storage stands tall as one of the premier movers in Lexington, Winchester, and Louisville.

Holders Angels Moving Company

For residential moving, loading, unloading, delivery, or long-distance moves, Holders Angels Moving Company is there to make the transition smooth and worry-free. The company is a testament to resilience and dedication in the face of adversity. Founded by Alex Holder and his wife, Tiara McKinney, this family business is an embodiment of their love and an enduring tribute to their late daughter, Alexandria Holder. Through countless trials, Holders Angels have emerged as a shining beacon in the moving industry, offering fast, efficient, and affordable services. Their team of professionals ensures top-notch quality work, coupled with a commitment to exceptional customer service.

Michael Ball Moving and Storage

Michael Ball Moving and Storage stands as a testament to a century of excellence and unwavering commitment. They are a fourth-generation business with a strong family tradition that has perfected smooth relocations and reliable storage solutions. Blending industry expertise with personalized service, they ensure every project is a resounding success. They are prepared to tackle both major and small duties thanks to their trained workforce eager to exceed expectations. From free estimates to insured furniture pickup and delivery, Michael Ball Moving and Storage embodies the perfect combination of reliability and innovation. Experience their time-honored tradition and let them lead the way towards triumph, one move at a time.

A Local Van Moving and Storage

A Local Van Moving & Storage is a renowned gem nestled in the bustling hub of Louisville, Kentucky. Open Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and Saturdays from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM, their availability is as boundless as their passion for quality service. Since 1999, this family-owned and operated company, founded by the visionary Ferguson family, has been a beacon of excellence in the local moving industry. Their reputation for being fast, friendly, and reliable is evident in their streamlined customer service and accurate two-hour delivery windows. Whether clients require their expert moving services or affordable storage options, A Local Van is ready to turn all relocation dreams into reality.

Chappell Mover LLC

Chappell Mover LLC is the renowned master of relocation who has been orchestrating seamless moves across America for nearly a century. Nestled in the heart of the tri-state area, the company has packed, loaded, and transported countless families and businesses with utmost care and expertise. Chappell Movers boasts a team of experienced employees that works together to ensure a stress-free experience for every client. They embrace their Kentucky and Indiana roots, offering their unparalleled services exclusively to these vibrant locales. Between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, their doors stand wide open from Monday to Saturday, eagerly awaiting calls. Discover their magic and let them “abracadabra” their clients’ next life chapter.

Pack Mule Moving

Pack Mule Moving lightens the load with their competitive pricing, free quotes, and convenient availability seven days a week, from morning until noon. They have become the backbone of stress-free relocations in Louisville, KY, and beyond, with their 20 years of experience. Guided by Brandon Roberts and a tight-knit crew, Pack Mule Moving prides itself on fostering relationships, building trust with every client, and garnering a reputation as a mover with muscle and integrity. Their highly trained employees, carefully chosen for exceptional performance, ensure fast, efficient, and reliable moving services. From residential to commercial moves, they handle it all with finesse.

Larrys Movers

A legendary name in the art of relocation, etching its mark upon the vibrant streets of Louisville, KY, since 1935. Embodied by a rich history, Larry’s Movers resonates with a timeless dedication to their craft. As they unravel the chapters of time, their essence of treating customers and employees like cherished kin remains unyielding. They craft peaceful, stress-free experiences with meticulous care, unraveling the journey of moving with unrivaled grace. Their meticulousness towards treasured possessions entrusted to their capable hands is a testament to their unbreakable bond with each valued customer. From Monday to Saturday mornings until noon, their presence paints the canvas of Louisville, breathing life into dreams anew.

Big Blue Moving

Administrated by the insightful Nathan Thompson, the managing partner with an illustrious background as a dedicated firefighter, Big Blue Moving brings a refreshing blend of reliability and excellence to the world of residential and commercial relocations. This remarkable company boasts an impressive array of services, extending beyond moving and packing, including furniture assembly, loading, and unloading of trucks, PODS, and ABF trailers. With full commercial insurance and a team of skilled, full-time employees, each possessing clean-cut athleticism, Big Blue Moving ensures everyone’s moving experience is efficient, seamless, and stress-free. Proudly serving 48 states, they exemplify the spirit of community and dedication to quality service.

2 Dudes Moving

Rewind to a scorching summer in 2010 when Andrew Carey, a determined graduate student at the University of Kentucky, yearned for a summer job that would fend off the ever-looming tuition costs. Unyielding to the ordinary, Andrew took the leap, birthing 2 Dudes & A Bronco. From those humble beginnings, the company has evolved, swapping the Bronco for mighty trucks and expanding the crew. With a resolute dedication to delivering top-notch service at affordable rates, 2 Dudes Moving has triumphed and thrived across the Commonwealth. Their comprehensive offerings span commercial and residential moving, labor for hire, and even a touch of Southern concierge.

Neutz Sons and Daughters Moving

Discover the epitome of flawless and stress-free moving experiences with Neutz Edward Sons & Daughters Moving ? where history and reliability converge. This licensed and insured company brings forth a symphony of professional expertise, making themselves a beacon of hope in the realm of residential and commercial relocation. Neutz Sons & Daughters Moving has flourished from its humble beginnings in 2006 under the leadership of owner Edward Neutz. Anchored by an impressive 11,650 ft? climate-controlled storage facility, they offer extensive services, including long-distance hauling, local moving, and meticulous packing. As a testament to their prowess, they effortlessly move over 11.5 million pounds of household goods annually.

Wildcat Moving LLC

The untamed spirit of Wildcat Moving LLC, where the art of relocation meets the heart of Kentucky. Commanded by the tenacious Managing Partner Raleigh (RJ) Bruner, this remarkable company was forged in 2010, rising above the grip of an unjust monopoly that burdened the people of the Bluegrass State. RJ carved a niche for Wildcat Moving, slashing rates by keeping overhead low. They proudly ranked as Kentucky’s #1 moving company for over a decade and garnered numerous accolades, including the “Best of the Best” award in 2022. Wildcat Moving ensures a seamless journey with their trained, clean-cut movers and fully equipped trucks, from residential to commercial, local to long-distance.

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