Moving Companies in Minneapolis

Explore Minneapolis, a city celebrated for its safety, strong economy, and quality of life. Families appreciate the welcoming community, enriched by diversity and accessibility. Embrace the local culture and landmarks that offer a balanced blend of tradition and modernity. Savor diverse culinary offerings while enjoying the city’s family-friendly atmosphere and convenience. Minneapolis combines a thriving economy, cultural richness, and a relaxed vibe, making it an attractive choice for a fresh start. Discover a city where opportunity and a comfortable lifestyle harmonize seamlessly.

Minneapolis Moving Companies

Paragon Moving and Storage

On the lookout for a trustworthy moving company that can help with your local, state-to-state, or even international move? Presenting Paragon Moving & Storage, they have been providing exceptional service since 1989, and they’ve partnered with Wheaton World Wide Moving to serve customers not just in a 50-mile radius but throughout the entire state of Minnesota. They believe in a “customer first” philosophy, so rest assured that the move will be in good hands. Plus, with a state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled storage facility, Paragon offers stress-free moving experiences. Their massive 55,000-square-foot warehouse has round-the-clock security, meaning clients can rely on them to provide top-notch storage solutions for all high-end furniture and military-grade items.

Helping Hand Movers

In every move, Helping Hand Movers etch a legacy of care and community spirit. For every new chapter customers’ embrace, Helping Hand Movers stands firmly by their side, dedicated to providing the most compelling quality of service and genuine ingenuity. They believe that a successful move is not just about transporting belongings; it’s about uplifting lives. Expect upfront pricing, free of any hidden fees, and an unwavering commitment to great customer service, executed with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. Oh, and here’s an exceptional touch: 4% of their earnings go towards supporting a chosen charity each month, championing a cause that impacts lives far beyond just relocation.

Relief Moving Company LLC

Founded by a close-knit crew of movers, Relief Moving Company LLC believes in more than just shifting boxes; they prioritize building lasting relationships with their cherished clients. From apartments to commercial plazas, they’ve mastered the art of seamless relocations, leaving customers with smiles. With a pledge to do all the heavy lifting, these movers let customers kick back and relax as they weave their magic. Need assistance with packing or hauling? Consider it done! Their fast and efficient services, available from Monday to Sunday, 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM, ensure the move fits perfectly into customers’ busy schedules. They’re the moving wizards who turn relocation woes into beautiful memories, one satisfied customer at a time.

Clean Movers

Moving can be a stressful experience, but Clean Movers is here to help make it as easy as possible. They are a private local moving company in the Twin Cities area, and they have been providing exceptional service for over a decade. Their top priority is ensuring their customers have a stress-free moving process, whether they are moving their homes or businesses. They specialize in in-home moving and take great care in handling valuable possessions. This company’s dedication to customer service is impressive, with delivery options available seven days a week regardless of weather conditions. Additionally, they now offer climate-controlled storage and thorough inspections to ensure peace of mind for their valued customers.

Bosley Movers LLC

Indulge luxury and professionalism in entrusting relocations with Bosley Movers, LLC, ensuring satisfaction from start to finish. With almost a decade of experience in the industry, this family-owned business prides itself on providing unforgettable moving experiences while treating each customer like their own kin. Bosley Movers puts their heart and soul into every move, leaving no stone unturned to ensure a successful transition. Jenna Bruski understands the importance of a skilled team, so they only enlist seasoned movers with over five years of experience. To top it off, they hold a good rating from the Better Business Bureau and are fully licensed, insured, and bonded.

Junior The Movers

Welcome to Junior The Movers, where excellence in the moving industry is the top priority. Their team takes meticulous care of their client’s possessions, ensuring that every detail is considered. They are a trusted flat-rate moving labor service serving the Twin Cities for six years. Their founder, Jose Castillo, is passionate about making moving as stress-free as possible. They handle all the complexities of relocation, from moving furniture to loading and unloading. They cater to specific needs, whether they live in the heart of the city or the peaceful countryside. With flexible scheduling options, their team can accommodate clients’ busy lifestyles any day of the week.

Goal Line Moving

Once upon a time, in the beautiful land of Minnesota, where lakes glisten, and dreams thrive, a moving company emerged like no other – Goal Line Moving. With hearts as warm as a hockey match and spirits as determined as a team on the ice, the proud owners, Tyler and Cody Ancheta, decided to embark on a thrilling adventure of their own. With countless moves under their belts, Tyler and Cody proudly offer their fellow Minnesotans a safe, pocket-friendly moving experience. Their friendly team is always on time, ready to help with every aspect of the journey – from packing to relocating the entire household or shuffling furniture.

We Haul For You

Introducing We Haul For You, the moving company with a heartfelt touch that goes beyond the ordinary. Step into the world of Doug Legatt, a man whose passion for helping others has shaped his business into a family affair. As a volunteer firefighter for the Holdingford Fire Department, Doug knows the true meaning of community, and he extends that spirit to every move. We Haul For You is a well-established and dependable name in the St. Cloud, MN region, with more than two decades of experience. Count on their licensed, bonded, and insured movers, available round the clock for flexible scheduling and emergency services.

Minne Movers

Meet Minn? Movers, a moving company founded by two hockey enthusiasts turned entrepreneurs, Gage Ausmus and Clint Lewis. These guys are amazing! They had a successful career on the ice and decided to revolutionize the moving industry. With more than 1000 house moves and over 4000 completed jobs, Minn? Movers has become the go-to company for moving services in Minnesota and North Dakota. Their services cover a broad spectrum, including moving residences, apartments, long distances, and commercial relocations. Minn? Movers goes above and beyond to ensure their clients have a hassle-free move and a seamless transition into their new homes and offices.

Bester Bros Transfer and Storage

Embark on a remarkable moving journey with the innovative and expert team of Bester Bros Transfer & Storage Co. Since its inception in 1917; this corporation has been the trusted choice for homeowners and businesses alike, transcending boundaries within the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and beyond national borders. Their friendly and efficient moving experts cater to clients near and far, offering local, long-distance, and international moves with seamless precision. The best part? They understand the demands of modern life and are available throughout the week, ensuring convenience for all. Discover the epitome of moving expertise?discover Bester Bros Transfer & Storage Co.

Action Moving Services Inc

For decades, Action Moving Services has been the beacon of reliability and excellence in the world of moving. Based in the heart of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Burnsville, this household goods moving company has spread its wings nationwide and internationally. More than 98 percent of their deliveries are as punctual as the morning sun, a testament to their exceptional planning, packing, and transporting expertise. As they crisscross borders from one continent to another, the world becomes their canvas for safe and efficient moves. Unsurprisingly, they’ve earned prestigious awards, including the Milton M. Hill Quality Award and the World Class Commitment Award, a true reflection of their relentless pursuit of excellence.

5 Star Movers

From the start, 5-Star Movers had set a noble vision – to be the epitome of excellence in the industry, and today, they continue to exceed expectations. Whether it’s a cozy apartment or a sprawling house, these friendly experts have got it all under control, ensuring that customers can take a back seat while 5-Star Movers work their magic, available around the clock for utmost convenience. Founded by two spirited college buddies armed with nothing but a humble, beat-up cargo van, this dynamic duo set out on an adventure that would shape the moving industry like never before.

Help U Pack N Move

Discover peace of mind as Help-U-Pack-N-Move customizes every move to exceed expectations. Competitive rates meet utmost care, as they place the safety of goods at the pinnacle of their priorities. It’s time to embrace a moving experience like no other. With over a decade of industry experience, they have honed their expertise perfectly. This is where packing and unpacking are transformed into an orchestrated dance of efficiency. From the peaceful assembly of cherished furniture to safely transporting pianos and gun safes, they leave no stone unturned. With certified and licensed professionals, Help-U-Pack-N-Move is the epitome of reliability.

Minute Men Professional Moving LLC

At Minute Men Professional Moving, LLC, transparency is the name of the game. Their fast, honest pricing ensures customers will receive the highest class of service without breaking the bank. What sets Minute Men apart is their commitment to security. Every mover on their team has a minimum of 5 years of experience and has undergone thorough background checks, putting your mind at ease during the moving process. Minute Men’s trained and qualified crews add a special touch to every move, ensuring that valuables are in safe hands. Moving from a cozy apartment, a spacious townhome, or a grand house, they will gladly assist and deliver.

Quality Moving and Storage

Welcome to the heartwarming world of Quality Moving & Storage ? where history, dedication, and friendship intertwine. With roots reaching back to 1998, this company emerged with a grand vision ? to revolutionize the moving experience, one client at a time. Quality Moving & Storage swiftly earned its esteemed position in the industry, becoming a companion to countless individuals and esteemed corporate entities. After 25 years of unfaltering dedication, they stand tall as a beacon of reliability and customer-oriented service. A breath of fresh air swept through the company as new ownership took the helm, ushering in an era of innovation while preserving the cherished legacy.

Mohawk Moving and Storage Inc

Mohawk Moving & Storage, Inc. is a Minnesota-based company that has become synonymous with proficiency, reliability, and innovation, evident from its 85 years in the business. From their early days as a United Van Lines agent to their current status as a family-owned business in the Twin Cities, Mohawk Moving & Storage has set a high standard in the industry. They are the pioneers of seamless transitions with a team of 35 seasoned employees, 35 licensed van operators, and 125 certified movers and packers. Whether it’s a local move, a long-distance journey, a corporate shift, an international venture, or an office move, Mohawk Moving & Storage offers exceptional service and assurance.

Lighthouse Moving

In the realm of moving, where reliability and expertise are paramount, one name shines brighter than the rest: Lighthouse Moving. For over 14 years, this company has navigated the turbulent seas of the industry. Under the guiding light of its passionate owner, John Hathaway, Lighthouse Moving has honed its skills and transformed into a beacon of excellence. The team boasts an experience range of 4 to 12 years, ensuring a smooth and efficient moving experience. They meticulously delve into the intricacies of each move, big or small, and provide on-site estimates for more extensive endeavors. Embracing flexibility, they proudly offer services seven days a week, ensuring every relocation is a breeze.

Piepho Moving and Storage Inc

Founded in 1952 by the spirited Earl Piepho and his devoted wife Elaine, this company embarked on a remarkable journey. Their dreams took flight as they converted a life insurance policy into three steadfast trucks, with only two surviving the adventure to Albert Lea, MN. And so, the first fleet of Piepho Moving & Storage was born. Today, the beacon of this exceptional saga shines brightly with Jeff, the heir, steering the ship. Assisted by his son Colin and a dedicated team of nearly 100, they carry the torch of excellence handed down through generations. With over seven decades of experience, Piepho remains the epitome of family, trust, and a pain-free move.

Mannys Piano Moving Inc

Manny’s Piano Moving, Inc. understands the importance of accommodating busy weekdays, so they are here to provide convenient scheduling options. Nestled in the heart of Spring Lake Park, MN, this unique full-service specialty moving company orchestrates seamless transitions for cherished pianos, organs, and even hefty safes. Since 1983, the Roland “Manny” and Judy Schwartz duo has led this harmonious symphony of safe and reliable transportation. Their balanced services extend throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and all the surrounding suburbs. When the keys of prized possessions demand a symphony of smooth relocation, Manny’s Piano Moving will ensure that treasured melodies never miss a beat.

Metcalf Moving and Storage

This company from Minnesota has been a shining example of excellence in moving since 1919. Allen Metcalf Jr. took over Metcalf Moving & Storage in 1951 after serving honorably in the Korean conflict, bringing the business to new heights. They recognized the need to cater to long-distance clients and became a proud agent of Mayflower Transit in 1967. Fast forward to when Jon Archbold took ownership and infused it with fresh energy. With many accolades, including the coveted Integrity Award and several honors from Mayflower Transit, Metcalf Moving & Storage ensures every customer receives unbeatable service. They’re available daily, so there is no need to worry about fitting them into a busy schedule.

Nystrom Moving

A timeless tale of dedication and family heritage. Born in 1948 from the visionary mind of Orrin Nystrom, Nystrom Moving emerged within the warm embrace of St Paul’s West 7th Neighborhood, Minnesota. Today, Nystrom Moving stands tall, its reins entrusted to the capable hands of Jayne Nystrom and her daughter, Emily. Three generations intertwine their expertise, fostering unwavering customer service and a bond of trust with those relying on their moving prowess. From partnering with apartment companies, realtors, and builders, to serving esteemed senior communities, Nystrom Moving surpasses expectations. With a meticulous four-step process?Planning, Packing, Moving, and Unpacking?they orchestrate seamless transitions, ensuring cherished possessions find their new home unscathed.

Good Stuff Moving

From the picturesque neighborhoods of Minneapolis to the vibrant streets of St. Paul, Good Stuff Moving’s dedicated team effortlessly handles both local and long-distance moves. Whether you’re looking to traverse the picturesque landscapes of Minnesota or venture far beyond, they’ve got it covered. With over two decades of expertise under their belt, this family-owned gem has been the guiding light for thousands of successful relocations since 1999. Their motto, “The customer is #1,” isn’t just a catchy phrase; it’s the driving force behind their exceptional service. And for those seeking a helping hand in the eleventh hour, the company proudly accommodates short-notice moves based on availability!

The Move Crew LLC

The Move Crew is a full-service moving company locally owned and operated in the Twin Cities. It was originally established in 2015. This company was put in place by two business virtuosos. Riku, originally from Finland, discovered his passion for American entrepreneurship upon his arrival in Minnesota. Meanwhile, Gunnar, a native of Hastings, Minnesota, brings meticulous attention to detail and an entrepreneurial spirit that knows no bounds. Together, they create an unstoppable force dedicated to making the moving experience a breeze. Not only do they serve the entire Twin Cities Metro area, but they also extend their expertise to enchanting locations like Hudson, New Richmond, and River Falls.

Matts Moving LLC

Matt’s Moving, LLC is a highly respected moving company in Minnesota, having successfully organized over 200,000 seamless transitions. Under the leadership of Matt, a visionary and the driving force behind the company’s success, their team of movers is carefully screened and background-checked, ensuring unparalleled service. Matt’s Moving specializes in various moves, including long-distance, interstate, residential, and commercial relocations. They have expertise in handling unique challenges such as high-rises, household goods, antiques, exercise equipment, pianos, safes, and gun safes with utmost care. The company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and is committed to providing hassle-free estimates to ensure a stress-free experience from start to finish.

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