Moving Companies in Oxnard

Situated along the picturesque coast of Southern California, Oxnard offers an inviting blend of natural beauty and urban conveniences. With a stable job market and affordable housing options, Oxnard provides residents with financial security. The city boasts well-maintained parks, recreational facilities, and a burgeoning arts scene, ensuring a high quality of life. Families appreciate the top-rated schools and safe neighborhoods. For leisure, Oxnard offers diverse dining choices and shopping centers. Nature enthusiasts can explore the nearby Channel Islands National Park, while beach lovers can enjoy miles of pristine coastline. Oxnard’s proximity to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara makes it a strategic location. Find a harmonious and enriching life in Oxnard.

Oxnard Moving Companies

Black Horse Delivery

Asma Mazraoui, the owner of Black Horse Delivery, believes that a moving company does not only provide hauling services but also relocation stress management. They recognize that each client has unique needs and curate their solutions accordingly. From local to long-distance moves, their extensive planning ensures a seamless process, taking away the stresses of their clients. For 4 years, the business has been servicing clients with good ethical practices, commendable character, punctuality, reliability, and peace of mind. Their customer inquiry response is efficient, and their thorough work assures complete client satisfaction.

B and R Movers

B&R Movers is a reliable moving company based in Hollywood, bringing top-notch assistance to local residents and businesses. For the past 20 years of operations, the company has kept its reputation reliable, maintaining a good track record among numerous satisfied clients. Although they have become one of the leading movers in the region, this started with a few customers, the power of word-of-mouth, and consistency. From the early planning phases to the final unpacking at the relocation destination, their expertise guarantees a smooth, hassle-free, and stress-free experience, one that’s surely unforgettable.

Bucks Movers

Buck’s Movers is a family owned and run moving company based in California, serving Ventura County, Santa Barbara, and nearby areas. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows them to lift and haul heavy and bulky items safely. Aside from these, they also offer short and long-term storage safekeeping, crane services, and machinery rentals. Under the leadership of Buck Drew, the company continues to grow, innovating and embracing modern solutions to serve clients quicker, more efficiently, and safely. With Buck’s Movers, the move will surely be smooth, worry-free, and positively memorable.

Arturos and Sons Moving

Arturo Zarate established Arturo’s & Son’s Moving in 1999, serving the locals of Santa Barbara. They are a family-owned and operated business, carrying deeply rooted values of integrity, hard work, and professionalism. They offer a complete service of packing, hauling, unloading, and clean up, catering to all needs of their clients. The team treats clients with respect, handles their items with care, and works with enthusiasm. Moving is stressful, and it’s comforting to receive constant updates, which they do, thanks to their efficient communication, ensuring transparency throughout the delivery process.

Coast Transfer and Storage Inc

Coast Transfer & Storage, Inc. was founded in 1949 by World War II veteran Bud and his wife, Noreen Bower. Their Daughter Diane and her husband bought the business around 30 years later and then passed it on to their son, Todd, in 2005. Todd continues to flourish the family’s legacy, ensuring that the workers of the company carry the same work ethics and determination as well. The team works hard to maintain the business, working with excellence, professionalism, and integrity. The company is partnered with prominent service providers around the world, making international moves smooth, worry-free, and safe.

Hazelwood Allied Moving and Storage

Hazelwood Allied Moving & Storage is a pillar of the local moving industry. Established in 1918, they have been partners with multiple generations of clients in California, aiding all their packing, hauling, and storage needs. 111 years of experience is no joke; having encountered nearly all types of needs, they have strengthened their operations system, ensuring a more seamless transaction. Their clients commend their employees as well, from the kind receptionist to the respectful workers unloading the trucks; the entire experience screams reliable and commendable. They also support charities like St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, never forgetting to help those most need it.

Allstate Moving Systems

Allstate Moving Systems knows Southern California and understands the locals’ needs. In their operations of nearly 60 years, they’ve been gathering experience, knowledge, expertise, and innovative solutions that could make the moving process easier for their clients. No wonder the company has received numerous awards for the consistency of its work. Thanks to Thomas Luni, the owner, the business continues to grow and improve, going beyond packing and moving. Will Allstate Moving Systems, clients are stress-free and assured that all their precious items are handled with the utmost care and respect.

NMS Moving Systems Inc

NMS Moving Systems, Inc. is a widely recognized, award-winning moving company in California. It has been a faithful ally of many homes and businesses for half a century, bringing top-notch moving and storage assistance. The current president, Roger Babbit, has been leading the company for 43 years, empowering and training them to perform up to standard, benefiting their clients the most. They are consistently flooded with positive feedback and review, appreciating how easy to work with and professional they are in their work. NMS is not just a mover; they are partners of the locals, ready to serve like family would.

Best Move

Since 1985, Best Move has been serving California and was called “The Better Movers” by the locals early in their operations. They provide services for local and long-distance, residential and commercial, specialty moving, junk removals, and assembly. Customer Satisfaction is the number one priority, so they see to it that when they work, they do it with professionalism, excellence, and commendable character. They also support sustainability, doing their best to give a second life to the furniture they acquire in their work. Gary Giordano and his team at Best Move work hard to be the best, taking the usual service and making it better than the best.

A and R Movers

A & R Movers has been a faithful partner of locals for the past 20 years. The company and its team members are committed to providing commendable and honest service, doing everything with intent, and going above and beyond to meet their client’s expectations. As a family-owned and operated business, they emphasize honesty, integrity, and high moral ethics. They cater to local and long-distance moves, completely equipped with the right tools to make the move simple and safe. In all moving needs, A & R will undoubtedly show up, show off, and leave with terrific impressions.

Unique Moving Inc

Unique Moving Inc. has been a partner of many families in California for 35 years. They helped countless clients, including residents, offices, businesses, schools, etc. They are equipped to cater to piece moves of large, heavy, or delicate items, all handled by high-skilled movers. They are a family-owned and operated business led by Rodney Watson, desiring constant growth, innovation, and improvement. Many of the clients the team serves are long-time friends who were satisfied with the first transaction, only ever trusting them after. Unique Moving is a reliable company and among the leading movers in the area.

Best California Movers

Best California Movers is a Southern California-based moving company offering labor, packing, and hauling services. They accommodate local and long-distance moves from residential and commercial clients, curating the perfect plan for each customer. The workers are skilled and able to disassemble and reassemble furniture, equipment, and other fixtures, offering labor-only services. Former clients have commended them for their outstanding work, expertise, pleasing attitude, and respectfulness. There is no questioning why Best California Movers is one of the most reliable moving companies in the area and has been among the leading options for residents and offices in the past six years.

ABC Moving Systems

ABC Moving Systems has made Los Angeles County, San Fernando Valley, and Ventura County their territory since 1993. Today, they have become one of the leading moving companies in Southern California, known for their outstanding work and customer service. The business is led by Michael Callahan, who supervises each worker to uphold their standards and work ethics. ABC is fully equipped to handle all scales of moves, catering apartments, and massive estate moves, hauling them to their new destination. Find comfort from the beginning, seeing them meticulously pack the items and then carefully unload and reassemble them; it’s easy to tell they genuinely care.


Moovit4Now brings significant work experience to the table, having served over 10000 clients in their seven years of operations. The reliable workers of the business work efficiently, carefully, and quickly, not wasting their clients’ precious time on unnecessary things. They serve California residents, bringing them wherever they need to be in the state and beyond, like Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and more. As genuinely concerned friends and neighbors, Kevin Miller, CEO, and his workers provide many tips and tricks for movers in their blogs, trying to help them choose the best options and solutions to their problems.

Ben Hur Moving and Storage

Under the leadership of Nicole Goraly, Ben Hur Moving & Storage has become one of the most locally trusted moving companies in the area. It’s challenging to get traction in a busy economy like California, but Ben Hur Moving & Storage was able to secure a spot among the leading movers because of their consistent performance and perseverance in the last 32 years of their operations. Nicole and her family continually work to improve the company, even looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of the processes by using more sustainable packing materials.

Top Movers Global

Professionalism and reliability are the foundational principles of Top Movers Global. When they work, they ensure that all is done well and thoroughly, all while maintaining commendable work ethics and values. As the head of the company, Latypov Bakhtiiardzhan assures the workers’ performance meets their standards, only wanting to be the best in the industry. Whether it’s a residential move or a corporate relocation, their dedicated team works closely with the clients to make sure that all of their requirements are met, valuing their belongings, time, and the trust they have in the services provided.

Walters Transfer Moving and Storage

Walter’s Transfer Moving & Storage was established in 1944 and has since provided local, long-distance, and nationwide moving in California. They are among the leading companies in the area, lifelong partners for many families and offices. Many satisfied clients appreciate the entire staff, from Mike, the owner, being responsive to the field crew carrying, packing, and driving. With consistent, exceptional service and a commitment to customer satisfaction, they have become the go-to moving experts of the locals of California. They are for their clients, genuinely concerned, respectful of their belongings, and only ever want for the process to go smoothly and successfully.


Movegreen is a team of professional movers and reliable operational staff collaboratively working to provide the best moving services in Southern California. ErikHaney founded the business in 2007, committed to providing high-quality service, taking timeless traditional work principles with modern equipment and tools. They’ve been a recipient of more than 15 recognitions for their work in residential and commercial moving, as well as self or full-service storage safekeeping. The company runs on what the local community needs, desiring to serve the community they belong in. Experience, professionalism, and exceptional work attitude; that’s Movegreen.

Prof Moving and Storage

With a team of highly trained moving professionals, Prof Moving & Storage ensures that every aspect of the move is handled with utmost care and outstanding expertise. Their curated plans take care of the process from packing to unpacking, guaranteeing the safety of all items until the truck arrives at the destination. The owner, Alexander Moskovchenko, upholds high- standards of performance, emphasizing reliability, communication, professionalism, and enthusiasm in their work. Finding a mover is easy, but what truly sets Prof Moving apart is their work atmosphere rooted in respect and honesty.

Elite Moving and Storage

When Elite Moving & Storage was established 25 years ago, they started from the bottom, building their way up to what they are now. They worked hard, gaining attention through word of mouth and getting referrals from their early customers. Today, as an award-winning moving company with a significant amount of experience, they value their clients even more, still ever-grateful for their trust and support. Their services now span across the country, including Alaska and Hawaii, becoming movers who’ve got it all covered. Elite Moving & Storage have grown, but they’re still the same neighbors the locals trusted years ago.

Rockstar Pro Movers

Rockstar Pro Movers was founded in 2014 by a family who wanted to serve their community by providing high-quality moving services. The pack and move for Californians locally, interstate, and internationally. Their current Business Operations Manager is Rashid Duysenoff, a highly talented and intelligent man who desires to lead the team to greater heights. With a degree related to business, he knows that the core of the company is manpower. He ensures that the team is well-trained, professional, and equipped with the right knowledge and tools to serve clients the best.

Z Movers

A decade ago, Z Movers was established by two hard-working men, Peter Sandmann and Kevin Wright. They were both working for a large moving business when they both decided to venture out into the industry as partners, desiring to meet the clients exactly where they needed them. Reliability and excellence are the basis of their work, packing with diligence, hauling with care, and transacting with clients with the utmost respect. Reading through the reviews and feedback they’ve received in the past, it’s easy to say why they are among the leading moving companies in the Los Angeles County area.

Attention to Detail Moving

Attention to Detail Moving is a fully insured and licensed moving company based in California, serving Los Angeles County and its neighboring areas. Colt Curtis currently owns the business, but the story starts with a group of friends in 2011 desiring to curate a moving service system based on the discipline of military-style principles. Over six thousand residential and 425 commercial moves later, they are now among the leading and most reliable movers in the region. With experience like that and expertise that’s constantly being sharpened, Attention to Detail Moving is the choice for all moving needs.

Meathead Movers

Meathead Movers is a one-of-a-kind moving company founded by brothers Aaron and Evan Steed. Although they are now the largest independent mover in California, they started small, with pizza and $20 being their first moving pay. But that was 1997, two high school athletes looking for a part-time job, and a friend?s parents asked for help. Today, they haul items of all scales, moving them across the country, helping small families and large corporations. Supporting their business also means funding local shelters and the recovery of domestic violence victims. Working with Meathead Movers is securing the service needed and supporting the community.

Orda Moving

Orda Moving has been a reliable source of high-quality moving services in California for seven years. They are a team of expert movers committed to bringing a client-centered work system, personalizing each transaction plan according to their client’s unique requirements. They understand that relocating comes with a load of headaches and stresses, so they aim to ease that by doing the heavy lifting for them. From packing, loading, and hauling to reassembly, they will do it with professionalism, expertise, and care. There is nothing ordinary about Orda Moving. If it’s not excellent, it’s not Orda.

Adept Moving

For 25 years, Adept Moving has served families in California with all their moving needs. They are a top pick for many locals, among the most reliable moving companies in the area. They are committed to professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction, putting the client’s best interest above all. As long-time partners of California homes and businesses, they value the relationships they have built, working hard to be better, innovating, and improving according to the needs of their clients. Thanks to Henry, their leader, the quality of service they produce as maintained, never failing to meet expectations.

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