Moving Companies in Pittsburgh

Located in southwestern Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh offers an inviting living environment for its residents. A diverse housing landscape characterizes the city’s living conditions, including historic neighborhoods and modern developments, accommodating various lifestyles. Pittsburgh’s culinary scene is a rich hub, with a rich array of dining options. From classic comfort foods to innovative, international cuisine, residents can savor a wide range of flavors. What makes Pittsburgh particularly attractive is its affordability, boasting a cost of living below the national average. This, coupled with a strong job market and a growing tech sector, makes it a prime destination for individuals and families seeking economic stability.

Pittsburgh Moving Companies

Maroadi Transfer and Storage

Bill Maroadi found the inspiration to start Maroadi Transfer & Storage from his uncle, who worked in the industry. So in 1967, he built his own company, running operations in a basement, the perfect picture of starting from the bottom. He worked hard, gave it his all, and treated his customers respectfully. All of these paid off, becoming one of the largest and most successful moving companies in the region. They’ve received many awards and recognitions for the excellence of their work, further solidifying the trust of locals in Maroadi Transfer & Storage.

Deily Moving and Storage

Deily Moving & Storage has been servicing locals for all their moving needs since 1910. But even with more than a century’s worth of experience, the company knows that growth is constant and innovation is a must for a successful business. They combine traditional work ethics and modern equipment, making everyday work an enjoyable, memorable, and positive experience. David Fix, the president, handles another moving company and is a skilled, expert mover. The business specializes in residential and commercial moves but still offers a wide array of services that caters to what may come along with moving.

Fretz Transfer

Fretz Transfer has 63 years of experience in moving for the locals of Pennsylvania. Their work focuses on storage and hauling, catering to different types and scales. The business has two operational locations ready to accommodate the needs of clients, equipped with high-technology tools and run by skilled workers. They are experts in handling fragile goods like collectible chinas, appliances, furniture, pianos, and more. They are licensed and insured, doing everything they can to protect their clients and belongings. Fretz Transfer is reliable, transparent, and the perfect partner to work with during the stressful process of moving.

Central Van and Storage

Central Van and Storage takes the cake when it comes to high-quality moving services. Residential, commercial, and corporate moves are all open for local, long-distance, and international moves. They take the usual moving service offers and find ways to make it better, cost-efficient, faster, and positively memorable. They understand that moving comes with a load of headaches, so they do everything in their ability to take one less problem from the process. Finding trustworthy movers is difficult, but lucky for Pittsburgh, West Virginia, and Ohio residents, Central Van and Storage has their back.

McNaughton Moving and Storage

McNaughton Moving & Storage is a one-of-a-kind moving company that has been serving Pittsburgh locals since 1918. Robert Shively, the president, strengthens its heritage, ensuring the constant growth and improvement of their service and people. They cater to all needs, moving vehicles, collections, art pieces, pianos, lab equipment, and antiques worldwide. There is nearly no place in the world they cannot take the people of Pittsburgh to. With McNaughton, clients are at peace that their valuables are safe and that they transact with professionals who are honest, hard-working, and genuinely concerned.

Packer Up Moving

Packer Up Moving is a reliable moving company in Pennsylvania. They understand that moving requires a lot of planning and effort, and without the right partners, it could be difficult. That?s why Packer Up Moving strives to be an ally to clients, protecting their valuables and hauling them to the safety of their new homes. They?ve got the logistics covered, fully capable of making the entire process simple and hassle-free. Under the leadership of Adam Packer, the team heads towards their goal of closing business transactions and being reliable, accountable, and concerned about their clients.

Ryan Moving

Ryan Moving was established over 70 years ago by Andrew Edward Ryan. Countless clients have benefited from their work, many of who have been faithful family clients for multiple generations. The business is now run by the third-generation owner and Andrew’s grandson, James Ryan, continuing their family legacy and preparing the next generation to do the same. To many locals, they are Pittsburgh’s resident family movers and the only option for reliable, professional, and expert services. From packing to hauling to unloading, Ryan Moving’s expert manpower has got it covered.

Weleski Transfer

Based in Pennsylvania, Weleski Transfer has been a reliable moving company in the region since 1909. They are experts in residential and commercial moves, ready to cater to last-minute movers, clients who require specialized equipment for bulky items, and everything in between. The current operations are led by fourth-generation business owners continuously bringing the company towards growth and success. Consistent with their work, they have accumulated many life-long clients who will only trust Weleski Transfer for all their moving needs. The team has received numerous awards and recognition, acknowledging their excellence and hard work.

Stumpf Moving and Storage

Stumpf Moving & Storage takes reliability to a whole different level. They have been a trusted moving company in Pittsburgh since 1936 and have been passed on to 4 different generations. Bernard Stumpf founded the business, and his grandson and great-grandsons now handle the operations, keeping the family legacy and history alive. For the past 87 years, they have earned the expertise and experience to handle the job more time efficiently and carefully. The team does not value anything more than their clients’ satisfaction, ensuring everything is done thoroughly and skillfully.

Movin Murdy

Since 2002, Movin’ Murdy has been serving the residents and establishments of Pittsburgh for their moving needs. A family has handled it for three generations, committed to applying good old values with modern principles. The business has been a top pick for the locals and is recognized as the #1 most trusted name in the moving industry. Wherever in Pennsylvania clients could be moving, Movin’ Murdy has the perfect solution to accommodate them. Care, expertise, and dependability are guaranteed in all they do, making working with them easy and hassle-free.

All Ways Moving and Storage

One hundred and ten years of service, All Ways Moving & Storage is still thriving among young companies, setting the standards of top-notch moving services. Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia are their territories, having life-long partnerships with the locals in the region. They know the twists and turns of the business, and there are only a few situations they have yet to encounter. Imagine the peace of mind and security clients feel working with true moving experts. Former customers commend them for their outstanding work and punctuality, exhibiting utmost respect and gratitude for their professionalism and courteousness.

Mike Moves Pittsburgh

Keith Michael Chitwood, owner of Mike Moves Pittsburgh, started the company in 2011. From the beginning, his intention was already for the business to be for the locals, concerned with service, pricing, and relationships. And the people can stand by that! They have now been recognized as one of the best moving companies in Pittsburgh, mainly gaining attention through referrals from satisfied clients. The workers are punctual, hardworking, honest, and incredibly skilled. The cleanups and specialized hauls they accommodate are done thoroughly and efficiently, using proper equipment and tools to do the job quickly and safely.

Debo Moving and Storage

Debo Moving & Storage is a team of dedicated professional movers who share the same goal of eliminating the unnecessary stresses of moving. Although they offer many different services, the ultimate goal is client satisfaction. Brian Debo runs the business operations with his family, applying their values and principles in their work. Their hard work and efforts are not left unnoticed as they are now among the leading moving companies in the area, amassing countless positive feedback and referrals. Debo Moving & Storage’s people, facilities, and equipment will surely be able to handle all safekeeping, local, long-distance, residential, office, and commercial moves.

South Hills Movers

Robert Lee is the owner of South Hills Movers, a Pittsburgh-based company. Throughout their near-century operations, they have collected a long list of accolades, strengthening their foundation as a pillar of today’s moving industry. Without a doubt, South Hills Movers has never failed to set the bar high for excellence, integrity, and professionalism. Clients’ cargo is treated respectfully, handling all items with the highest level of care and responsibility. The company’s facilities are constantly well-maintained, and the service systems are efficient and conducive to client satisfaction. There is no questioning why there is no other moving company for so many locals.

Diversity Moving Company

Ronnie Barret founded Diversity Moving Company nearly a decade ago, committed to providing nothing less than exceptional work rooted in honesty and excellence. Moving is already stressful as it is, so the team works to do the heavy lifting for clients. They strive to do their best, ensuring client satisfaction is at the top of their priority. There is no questioning why they have become one of the best moving companies in the area. Diversity Moving Company works with many partners from all over, allowing them to provide smooth and worry-free long-distance moves.

Make Moves

Make Moves is a full-service moving company in Pittsburgh that offers a wide array of services for all moving needs. They provide customizable moving assistance, offering complete packages and only labor or moving options. The owner, Matt Gillespie, also works in real estate and can assist clients throughout the relocation process. All these span 6 counties, bringing high-quality moving services to locals through excellent, fast, and thorough work. With Make Moves’ over a decade of experience in the industry, there’s no move too little or too much for them to handle.

Prime Moving Center

Prime Moving Center is a dedicated moving service provider in Pittsburgh, accommodating all the locals’ relocation needs. It’s a family-run business eager to help families and businesses from packing to the reinstallation process of moving. They have the best tools to move items carefully, and their trucks are equipped to safely contain items until the end. Thousands have benefited from their work, gaining the business a flood of positive feedback and referrals. Each team member is reliable, trained, and capable of handling their clients’ prized possessions, guaranteeing a successful move. Thanks to Mykhailo Radetskyi and his leadership, top-notch service has been available to everyone for 7 years.

Gardner Moving

Gardner Moving’s history goes back 109 years when it was established in 1914. Four generations have led the operations since, and the business continues to grow today. The Gardners continue their family’s legacy, serving the locals with high-quality work and genuine concern. It’s a family helping another family transition to a new chapter in their life. Gardner accommodates local or long-distance residential and commercial moves and storage. They also have the equipment to move more oversized items like pianos, large furniture, and artwork. Experience, expertise, and professionalism, that’s Garner Moving.

Don Farr Moving and Storage

Don Farr Moving & Storage started when David Fix was working with a furniture company, moving things for them. When they shut operations, he bought their used truck and built the business. Because of his hard work and passion, his delivery services started to grow, allowing him to buy more trucks and take in more jobs. The growth continued to progress, becoming one of the most reliable movers in the area. Now, the company consists of over 75 skilled crews, around 50 trucks of different capacities, and even bigger goals to achieve.

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