Moving Companies in San Antonio

San Antonio captivates with its iconic landmarks like the Alamo, the River Walk, and the Tower of the Americas. Its Spanish colonial architecture and lively nightlife create a unique ambiance. San Antonio embraces a rich history and diverse culture, offering numerous museums and festivals that celebrate different traditions. With a low cost of living and a thriving economy marked by low unemployment, the city presents ample opportunities. San Antonio’s climate showcases hot summers and mild winters, perfect for year-round enjoyment. The city’s culinary scene shines with its renowned Tex-Mex cuisine, featuring delectable dishes like tacos, enchiladas, and fajitas. From its storied past to its vibrant present, San Antonio invites newcomers with its enchanting landmarks, diverse culture, affordable lifestyle, and mouthwatering flavors.

San Antonio Moving Companies

Guardian Moving and Storage

Guardian Moving and Storage, owned by Kevin Nelson, has been operating for only 8 years but has already established itself as a top moving and storage company in the Greater San Antonio and Austin areas. The team’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch customer service has earned them a reputation for excellence, backed by their full licensing and insurance that guarantees the safety and security of belongings. Their availability from Monday to Friday, 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM, and on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, caters to the convenience of their customers. With a diverse array of services, the company provides comprehensive moving solutions tailored to everyone’s unique requirements.

Nevitt Moving and Storage Inc

Ronald Nevitt is the proud and committed owner of Nevitt Moving & Storage, a 60-year-old family-owned and operated business. Their availability from Monday through Saturday, along with their superior services, makes them the top choice for a smooth moving experience. Their competent and experienced crew caters to both residential and business clients, offering a comprehensive range of moving, packing, and storage options. They prioritize the safety and protection of belongings as certified and insured movers, guaranteeing they arrive undamaged. Nevitt Moving & Storage serves Comal County, San Antonio, Austin, and the surrounding areas with a fleet of dependable moving vans.

Simplified Moving Solutions

Introducing Simplified Moving Solutions, a company dedicated to providing a seamless and stress-free moving experience. Their unwavering commitment to communication, ethics, professionalism, and organization ensures that clients can confidently move forward with their lives. With years of industry experience, Simplified Moving Solutions has established itself as a well-known moving company. Under the administration of owner Eloy E. Guzman Jr., they specialize in a wide range of services including local and long-distance moving, labor assistance, packing services, carpet cleaning, and transit storage. Their exceptional service extends to accommodate clients’ schedules, with availability from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays and from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekends.

Expert Relocation Systems

Expert Relocation System, led by industry veterans Derrick Ellison and Kaleb Smith, has a strong history of success and innovation through its comprehensive variety of services, such as office and warehouse relocation and modular furniture installation. Therefore, they have become a premier business moving company serving the Central Texas region with over 18 years of expertise. Expert Relocation Systems specializes solely in commercial relocations and distinguishes itself with its unique move management system, offering the highest quality and most efficient moves in Austin from Monday to Saturday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Their dedication to perfection is apparent in their 0% claims for damaged items.

Not Just Another Moving Company

Since its founding in 2009, Not Just Another Moving Company has built a solid reputation as a respectable and competent moving company where every relocation is carefully orchestrated with precision, passion, and a dash of creativity. Their service portfolio spans from expert packing, moving, and all-inclusive packing supplies to both temperature-controlled and non-climate-controlled storage. With an impressive 28 years of experience in the moving industry, owner Rudy Perez Jr. brings invaluable expertise to the organization. Recognized by various platforms as a licensed and insured firm, they specialize in local and statewide home and business moving, as well as corporate relocation.

Armstrong Relocation and Companies

Dan Dailey’s Armstrong Relocation & Companies is the go-to choice for all moving requirements because of its founding values rooted in honesty, enthusiasm, and client value. With only 6 years of tenure, they have already been labeled as a trusted brand in the moving industry. Armstrong provides a variety of services, including business and international moving and furniture and equipment installation, to name a few. Their specialized team is available Monday through Friday, starting from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., ensuring availability for everyone’s convenience. Armstrong’s illustrious history spans three generations, with each generation emphasizing the careful handling of goods and providing a customized approach to every service.

ABC Movers

ABC Movers offers a new standard in moving services. They are an innovative company that reinvents the moving experience, which is being stereotyped as a daunting task, by fusing cutting-edge technology and first-rate customer support. With more than two decades of unmatched expertise, ABC Movers highlights the safety of possessions by using top-notch moving equipment and techniques as a licensed and fully insured business. ABC Movers is committed to providing dependable and expert moving services. Through their dedication to quality, the company has developed a reputation for reliability and client satisfaction under the direction of the proud owner, Ricardo D. Salinas Jr.

Hitzfelder Moving

For 29 years, Hitzfelder Moving has proudly served the vibrant cities of Texas. Managed by Gene Hitzfelder, they have earned an impeccable reputation, garnering outstanding ratings and fostering a devoted clientele. Gene’s journey began as a volunteer at his mother’s antique business, where his reliable service quickly gained recognition, eventually giving birth to Hitzfelder Moving. Through years of dedicated effort, the company has experienced remarkable growth and now operates a fleet of five trucks, providing an array of services including local and statewide moving, commercial moving, and more. With their commitment to customer convenience, Hitzfelder Moving operates from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, ensuring seamless scheduling for their loyal clientele.

Reliable Delivery and Moving

Reliable Delivery & Moving acts as a one-stop shop for its wide range of services, including local and long-distance moving, residential and commercial moving, packing services, and white glove delivery. With a strong presence in San Antonio, Texas, the business is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service at competitive prices. Justine Cadena and William Blaine, the proprietors of Reliable Delivery & Moving, ensure that every relocation or delivery is handled with the utmost care, earning the company a strong reputation in the moving business over their 30 years of expertise. They prioritize meeting customer demands and offer flexible availability, operating Monday to Sunday from 8 AM to 8 PM.

Patriot Moving and Delivery

Transforming every move into a work of art is what Patriot Moving & Delivery is about. It is an artistic moving company committed to delivering stress-free experiences with its 5-acre site housing multiple buildings, a fleet of six vehicles, and a dedicated team of fifteen individuals. This veteran-owned business has earned a stellar reputation for providing exceptional service with a client-centered approach. Their long list of options now includes military relocations, delicate antique handling, and catering to high-end clientele, further solidifying their status as a trusted and reputable moving company. Founded by combat Veteran Clint O’Neal in January 2014, Patriot Moving & Delivery has experienced remarkable growth ever since.

First on Firefighters Moving and Delivery

First on Firefighters Moving and Delivery has always been a trusted name in the moving industry since its establishment in 2007. Founded by firefighters, they have built a reputation for providing fast, safe, and efficient moving and delivery services in San Antonio and across the state of Texas. Under the ownership of Michael Flores, their dedicated team provides comprehensive residential and commercial moving solutions, encompassing local and statewide relocations, piano moving, and professional packing services. First on Firefighters, with their proud affiliations in the Southwest Movers Association and the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, ensures a hassle-free and protected moving experience with their full licensure, bonding, and insurance.

Stagecoach Moving

For nearly three decades, Stagecoach Moving Company, Inc. effortlessly maintained to solidify its name as the champion in the competition. Their vast skills include both local and long-distance moving for residential and business clients, guaranteeing a holistic approach to meeting client needs. Managed by Walter Puryear, a seasoned expert in the company since 1995, the dedicated company offers the best quality of service and attention to detail. Stagecoach Moving Company, Inc. is a locally owned and managed company with full-time devoted professionals who prioritize treating possessions with care and respect, making them the go-to choice for a piece-of-cake relocation in Central Texas.

Budget Movers

Budget Movers, led and owned by Jake Wakely, has an excellent reputation with the majority of its revenue coming from referrals and repeat customers. Their staff provides a broad scope of solutions to get rid of all troubles. Budget Movers guarantees a seamless relocation experience at every level, from cost-effective relocations and the expertise of their specialized movers to their professional equipment and fleet of moving vehicles. Budget Movers is a locally-owned and operated business since 1981 and takes pride in offering the San Antonio community speedy, affordable, and high-quality moving services, labeling themselves as a provider of extraordinary moving experience.

Affordable Movers of the Hill Country Ltd

Introducing Affordable Movers of the Hill Country, Ltd., an innovative moving company where efficiency meets excellence to turn the relocation experience into a breeze. With many years of combined experience, their team of knowledgeable professionals ensures that no job is too big or too small. They are fully registered and insured as both a Texas and Federal US moving company, guaranteeing consumer protection. Under the leadership of Lucretia Wilferth, this locally owned business in Fredericksburg, TX, provides reliable residential and commercial moving services, including piano, safe, and antique moving. Affordable Movers takes pride in their history of delivering quality service, and their professional crew members make every move a stress-free experience.

Almighty Movers

Experience the power of simplicity with Almighty Movers, a trusted company that guarantees expertise for their residential and commercial clients in San Antonio, Texas. From same-day service to loading and unloading rental trucks, packing and unpacking, and local or statewide relocation, they have everyone covered. With 13 years of experience, Almighty Movers has established themselves as a major moving firm in the area with Fernando Talamentez at the helm. Their friendly and professional uniformed personnel are always ready to assist and provide excellent service. Count on Almighty Movers for an effortless moving experience, backed by their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Only The Big Stuff Movers

Discover the convenience of Only The Big Stuff Movers, where valued customers are ensured with successful and seamless relocations. Only The Big Stuff Movers has been providing excellent relocation services in San Antonio and nearby regions since 2012. What sets OTBS Movers apart is their focus on client satisfaction, achieved through efficient scheduling and the employment of a professional team dedicated to delivering top-notch service. Founded by Angel Villa in her early 20s, the business has experienced tremendous growth due to its commitment and customer-oriented approach. OTBS Movers guarantees a worry-free transition for customers by offering local and statewide moving, residential and commercial relocation services, and more.

Mighty E Moving

Mighty E Moving, founded by Eliot Partridge, brings over two decades of industry expertise. As the proprietor, Eliot takes personal delight in being present on every task, providing the highest level of care for possessions. To provide maximum availability, they also operate seven days a week from 8:30 AM to 11:59 PM. Eliot’s skills are supported by a solid educational foundation, as he holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska and possesses extensive moving experience. Their primary focus is on safety, handling the belongings with the utmost care during local, commercial, and long-distance travel while specializing in packaging, unloading, and other related services.

NextView Moving

NextView Moving, a trusted moving company in Austin, TX, boasts over 23 years of experience in the Texas moving industry. Led by owner Steven Dwyer, NextView Moving’s service offerings span multiple disciplines, including local and long-distance moving, residential and commercial moving, specialty moving, and more. Their operational prowess and commitment to customer satisfaction are evident through their ownership of essential equipment. Additionally, their availability from Monday to Friday, 7 am to 6 pm, and Saturdays from 7 am to 2 pm ensures flexibility for their valued clients. NextView Moving’s rich history and commitment to excellence make them the premier option for those in need of trusted movers.

Texas Elite Moving

At Texas Elite Moving, they pride themselves on delivering top-notch moving solutions tailored to all needs. They are a reputable full-service moving company in Austin, that has been serving the Central Texas area from Monday to Saturday since 2013. Their experienced and professional team has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring a delightful moving experience. Clients can rely on them for a wide range of options, covering every aspect of the moving process and making them a one-stop shop. Superintended by founder Christopher Sides, a native Texan with a passion for the industry, the company achieves client satisfaction by employing dedicated individuals who uphold their values.

Magnum Movers LLC

Magnum Movers LLC, a San Antonio-based moving company, has been serving the neighborhood for over a decade with great success. They provide a seamless and hassle-free moving journey by being available around the clock and committed to perfection. Magnum Movers distinguishes itself as a woman-owned firm that cherishes its employees and customers alike, thanks to the devoted ownership of DeAnn Lopez, a proud mother of four and a committed entrepreneur. Their uniformed, highly trained movers arrive on schedule with specialized vehicles, delivering professional and dependable service. Magnum Movers guarantees excellence in packing and unpacking, business and residential relocation, make-ready help, and eviction moves.

Martinez Movers

Martinez Movers takes pride in prioritizing customer satisfaction by maintaining high standards and delivering personalized service. With over 20 years of experience, this well-established San Antonio moving company brings a reputation for reliability and exceptional service to every job they undertake. They offer an extensive range of services, including residential and apartment moving, office moving, packing services, as well as piano and gun-safe moving. Eleazar Martinez, the owner, ensures that their crews are dependable, respectful, and committed to making every transition smooth and stress-free. They offer flexible availability from Monday to Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and on Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Move Logistics

Long-distance and local moving, interstate relocations, residential and business moves, storage solutions, and other services are available for Move Logistics. They are a well-established moving business with over 15 years of expertise, providing clients in San Antonio, Austin, and the surrounding areas with unrivaled services. Throughout each assignment, Move Logistics maintains honest and open communication with its staff, who is devoted to offering stress-free relocations that are tailored to cater specific demands of each customer. The firm is of assistance from Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with owner Sean Abrams, a committed industry veteran with exceptional logistical knowledge, at everyone’s service.

1 2 Price Movers

Introducing 1/2 Price Movers, a reliable partner in overcoming the challenges and stress of moving. Committed to ensuring a smooth and affordable process, they specialize in a wide range of services including interstate and local moves, residential and office relocations, apartment moves, packing assistance, and more. 1/2 Price Movers is an organization with a remarkable history dating back to 1979. With Chad Miller as the administrator, they pride themselves on their expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction. 1/2 Price Movers is the trusted choice for residents and businesses in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and the surrounding areas with convenient availability from Monday to Saturday.

ATX Firefighter Moving

Nick Orr is the proud owner of ATX Firefighter Moving, a reputable moving company established in 2011. Nick combines his strong work ethic and meticulous attention to detail to ensure his clients have the best moving experience possible. Their service portfolio covers everything from residential and commercial moving to furniture moving and packing services. They proudly serve various areas in Texas, including Austin, San Antonio, and more. Licensed and insured, their dedicated movers work diligently, utilizing high-quality moving blankets and shrink wrapping when necessary to protect belongings. ATX Firefighter Moving operates from Monday to Saturday, between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, promising excellent service.

Scobey Moving

Discover Scobey Moving, a gateway to swift booking and an exceptional moving experience that is of assistance from Monday to Friday. Proudly affiliated with Mayflower Transit, they have established themselves as a household name in the moving industry. With humble beginnings in 1913, when Mr. F.E. Scobey founded the company with six wagons and twelve horses, Scobey Moving blossomed into one of San Antonio, TX’s largest and most trusted providers. Under the dedicated ownership of Mike Garcia, they continue to excel in delivering attentive and personalized care. Specializing in a diverse range of services, including local, long-distance, and international relocation, Scobey Moving remains at the forefront of the industry.

Advantage Moving

With a commitment to safe and efficient transportation, Advantage Moving is the trusted choice for residents of Greater Austin, Central Texas, and beyond. This locally-owned moving company has been dedicated to serving the community since its inception in 2001. Guided by the owner himself, Tom Cousins, Advantage Moving distinguishes itself as a seasoned player in the market with its exceptional customer service and unwavering commitment to attention to detail. Whether it’s domestic or long-distance moving, residential or commercial moving, valuable or piano moving, or packing and shipping, their expertise covers all aspects of the moving process and remains accessible from 8 am to 5 pm every day.

16 Zero Four Delivery and Moving Service

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, 16 Zero Four Delivery & Moving Service has become a renowned logistics company. The owner, Chukwuemeka Chukwuma-Odidika, takes pride in providing exceptional delivery and moving services for household goods and more. Focusing on trust and customer satisfaction, their professional movers offer a wide range of services, including local and long-distance moving, residential and commercial moving, valuable item transportation, and packing services. They are available around the clock to cater to the needs of their customers in the entire San Antonio, TX area. With a commitment to integrity and high-quality service, they have earned a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy moving partner.

Swift Movers LLC

Swift Movers LLC has been servicing the San Antonio area for many years with great success. They assure availability on weekdays, 10 AM to 6 PM, and Saturdays, 9 AM to 5 PM, to fulfill their clients’ moving needs. Swift Movers, led and owned by Luis H. Gonzalez, has a fascinating history, beginning as a weekend side project and quickly changing into a full-time business in just four weeks. The company stands out for its comprehensive suite of services that are designed to handle all types of moves. Swift Movers takes pride in their dependable and trustworthy service, providing families with peace of mind and relaxation.

Heavenly Moving and Storage

Heavenly Moving & Storage is open 7 days a week from morning until noon. It is a renowned Austin-based moving business with nearly 2 decades of industry expertise. Derrick Johnson, a 14-year NFL veteran, and 4-time Pro Bowler, and Gus Rojo, a tech and real estate businessman, co-founded the company alongside Patrick Courtney, a former large firm attorney turned entrepreneur. Heavenly Moving & Storage offers various solutions, including domestic and statewide removals, residential and business relocations, and packing services, ensuring that all moving needs are met. Every aspect of their work is infused with skill and enthusiasm to guarantee precision and exceptional customer service in each and every move.

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